Client Reviews for Stephanie Roberts, Realtor

"Why did we want to buy a house in Ann Arbor? That's a long story. Suffice to say that we were visiting our daughter and decided to check what was on offer in the housing market. We walked over to the first realtor we saw. It happened to be Bouma Group. What a happy piece of luck. We were teamed up with Stephanie Roberts. Another happy piece of luck. A few days later she was piloting us through a mixed listing of condos and houses (we only had one day to shop!). A few days more and we made an offer. A few more days and now we own a house in Ann Arbor. Stephanie and the Bouma staff were engaged, efficient, and professional. They just got things done. And “getting things done” was not trivial. We were working through the inspection and closing process from 1,500 miles away. Worked like a charm. We could not have been more pleased."  John Hurdle - November 2021

"Stephanie’s extensive knowledge of and familiarity with the local Ann Arbor market was critical to our successful offer strategy. By this I don’t mean simply the housing market - she has consistently provided stellar recommendations for people and services that are integral to the home-buying process (loan servicers, home inspectors, home insurance providers, and even movers)! Since we were buying this home long-distance, we leaned on her as a resource for these crucial local recommendations and she never disappointed us.

Finally, we want to praise Stephanie for her social skills and emotional intelligence. During what was a difficult and nerve-wracking weekend waiting to hear back about our offer, Stephanie expertly managed our expectations and kept us calm while we waited. She distracted us with ice cream from Washtenaw Dairy and took us on several other home tours while we were in town that weekend. She never got our hopes up or let us dwell on worst-case scenarios. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience - but the best part was finding out our offer had been accepted!

We could go on but we need to get back to unpacking! Thank you, Stephanie, and thank you, Bouma Group!"  - Hannah Myers,
August 2021

"Stephanie was our agent as we were relocating from another state, and was nothing short of wonderful. She consistently went above and beyond while helping us search for a home. She was so knowledgeable and patient with us as we navigated the remote buying process. I will recommend Stephanie and the Bouma Group to anyone I know looking for an agent in Ann Arbor!"  - Kelly Williamson, August 2021

"Stephanie and the Bouma group were perfect and fantastic in our search. She was responsive and knew exactly what we wanted. The procedure from sale to closing was also well done. Highly recommend Stephanie and the Bouma group."  - Kyle Carner Hall, August 2021

"We recently purchased a home as a rental with an excellent agent of Bouma's; Stephanie Roberts. She was so effective in helping us to find just the perfect location and price for our budget. We will recommend her highly to any future buyers."  - Jim Kylehall, August 2021

"Stephanie was the buyers agent for the property we sold. She was amazing to work with. She is very organized and super responsive. I would highly recommend her to friends and family. Her closing team Amoreena is very helpful as well. Thanks Steph!"  - Rachel Setterington, June 2021


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