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Meet Ann Arbor's #1 Home Sellers - The Bouma Group Realtors

Photo of Martin Bouma

Martin Bouma Team Leader & Listing Agent

Photo of Mary Jo Hahn

Mary Jo Hahn Director of Sales & Business Development

Photo of Lisa Gray

Lisa Gray Listing Specialist

Photo of Corinne Shafer

Corinne Shafer Listing Manager

Photo of Christin Cave-Leinbach

Christin Cave-Leinbach Listing Assistant

Photo of Courtney Thompson

Courtney Thompson Closing Manager

Photo of Maureen Guinta

Maureen Guinta Closing Assistant

Photo of Stephanie Bell

Stephanie Bell Marketing Technology Specialist

Photo of Trevor McIlwaine

Trevor McIlwaine Buyer's Agent

Photo of Justine Anthony

Justine Anthony Buyer's Agent

Photo of Reece Dolezsar

Reece Dolezsar Buyer's Agent