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Ypsilanti's Diversified Economy

A More Diversified Ypsilanti Economy for Residents

Founded in Ypsilanti in 1960, Domino’s Pizza was first delivered to students at Eastern Michigan University. The current location for the Domino’s Pizza corporate offices is now in Ann Arbor. Serving as Ypsilanti’s largest employer is Eastern Michigan University. Another large employer is Integrated Sensing Systems (ISSYS) which designs, develops, manufactures and commercializes innovative microelectromechanical systems. Ypsilanti has long been recognized as both a bedroom community and a working-class industrial town.

Ypsilanti of Tomorrow

Plans are now in motion for Ypsilanti to forge a new community identity and chart a new economic direction. The state of Michigan has awarded the city of Ypsilanti a $25,000 grant for a downtown revitalization plan. Through the collaborative efforts of local businesses, civic and academic leaders, plans are underway to mimic other university towns where jobs are developed to encourage a better quality of life. With these plans in place, prospects for a new and exciting Ypsilanti are just beyond the horizon.

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