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Hidden on the outskirts of Ann Arbor, Saline, MI is consistently rated as a desirable place to live. It offers a superior quality of life, friendliness, and is dedicated to caring and loving everyone within the city limits and beyond! Shop in high-end stores like The Resale Boutique and dine in the comfort of The Carrigan Café on Main Street, attend a seasonal festival, or find your own definition of fun in Saline. In this small city, community is important, and there is always something fantastic to spend your time doing, whether that's strolling the trails in Curtiss Park or spending the evening at Emagine Saline to watch the latest movies!

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Live, Work, and Play in Saline

Arts & Entertainment

Great local events are always happening in Saline! Downtown Saline hosts annual Oktoberfest celebrations, featuring German brews and amazing food vendors! Wander around the annual Saline Community Fair and watch classics such as a tractor pull, a Demolition Derby, and various livestock judging. The community calendar updates with weekly local events and locations, so there's never any reason to miss out.

Amazing Recreation

At the Saline Rec Center, residents can participate in nearly anything they can think of! Enjoy the beautiful facilities at the center, like the basketball and volleyball courts, indoor tracks, pools and hot tubs, and more. Programs and classes are always open to anyone, and are dedicated to promoting health and community bonding throughout Saline!

Highly Rated Schools

Eight top-rated schools serve Saline's community. Saline High School offers unique clubs to join, such as Film Club, Criminology Club, and Journalism Club—and at Saline Middle School, students can get involved in various sports. With an emphasis on emotional learning, interdisciplinary approaches, and quality education, the Saline Public School System will do everything in its power to create amazing citizens!

Wondering What's Around?

Our Favorite Local Picks

Celtic Festival

This kid-friendly festival is one of the most well-known events in Saline. Kicked off by a parade, the Celtic Festival features demonstrations and performances by teams from all over the nation and worldwide—watch the authentic International Jousting Match, participate in archery, and listen to storytellers as you snack on Celtic food!

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Saline Main Street

Enjoy a soft pretzel snack at Benny's Bakery, and for a quick and easy dinner, go to Brecon's Grille & Pub. Unique shops are sprinkled along Main Street—find your new favorite book at Fine Print Bookshop, or buy something you love among the trinkets and holiday supplies at Rock Paper Scissors!

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The Saline Post

Saline, MI, is served by the community newspaper. The Saline Post keeps residents updated on local events—sports, holidays, art showcases, and live performances are all given a place in this newspaper.

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Restored History

Saline is known for its well-maintained small-town history. The Saline Area Historical Society's website and the museums around the city will keep you entertained and educated. Visit the restored building that makes up the Society's Archival Library to learn more about the amazing local history of Saline.

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Neighborhoods and Condo Buildings

Brassow Woods
$522,500 – $575,000
2,384 – 3,620 sqft
Brookview Highlands
$525,000 – $848,000
2,551 – 7,509 sqft
Burwyck Park Condos, Saline
Burwyck Park
$298,500 – $350,000
1,450 – 2,391 sqft
Centennial Park
$505,000 – $675,000
2,280 – 4,887 sqft
Diuble Meadows
$420,000 – $515,000
1,646 – 3,000 sqft
East Horizons
$485,000 – $615,000
1,922 – 3,280 sqft
Fairways at Stonebridge
$495,000 – $580,000
1,727 – 2,350 sqft
Highpointe at Stonebridge
$600,000 – $775,000
1,863 – 3,900 sqft
Hunter's Ridge
$429,000 – $480,000
2,251 – 3,586 sqft
Kelli Meadows
$600,000 – $745,000
2,642 – 5,278 sqft
The Links at Stonebridge, Saline
Links at Stonebridge
$500,000 – $550,000
2,137 – 3,621 sqft
Lohr Lake Village
$450,000 – $535,000
2,163 – 4,200 sqft
Mallard Cove
$395,900 – $425,000
2,132 – 3,092 sqft
Maple Creek Subdivision, Saline MI
Maple Creek
$360,000 – $380,000
1,916 – 2,304 sqft
Old Creek Farms, Saline MI View from Street
Old Creek Farms
$320,000 – $380,000
1,320 – 2,032 sqft
Risdon Heights
$404,389 – $431,280
1,771 – 1,863 sqft
Sandpiper Cove
$500,000 – $735,000
2,440 – 4,145 sqft
The Arboretum
$600,000 – $650,000
1,840 – 3,971 sqft
$510,000 – $570,000
1,656 – 3,777 sqft
Travis Pointe, Saline
Travis Pointe
$700,000 – $950,000
2,272 – 5,317 sqft
Twin Islands
$527,000 – $620,000
1,727 – 2,307 sqft
Warner Creek Subdivision, Saline Contemporary Style
Warner Creek
$330,000 – $455,000
1,300 – 3,000 sqft
The Waterways Subdivision, Ann Arbor House
$549,000 – $685,000
2,329 – 3,772 sqft
$428,500 – $525,000
1,408 – 2,746 sqft
York Meadows
$615,000 – $730,000
2,280 – 3,745 sqft
York Place
$550,000 – $650,000
2,123 – 3,722 sqft
York Woods
$650,000 – $1,240,000
1,448 – 5,271 sqft